Message From Our Founder

FTT’s commitment to leadership has obviously given us great advantages. But what are the special challenges that the leader faces?
Being the market leader in an industry as fiercely competitive as ours means that you can never become complacent. It's common in our industry to see companies driving down prices and training times and battling for every segment of every market. This means that we continually have to find ways to widen the gap between competitors and ourselves.

In this sense, the challenge of leadership is very much like riding a bicycle uphill. The only way to avoid falling is not to slow down.

So what does this mind-set look like in practice? It means that we are constantly reinforcing, refining, and improving our core capabilities and our competitive advantages. The first and most important of these is insuring the highest levels of quality for our services - and in everything we do.
In recent years regulators have raised safety standards and have toughened their requirements for a safer workplace. For FTT, this has been an opportunity to strengthen our competitive advantage, since we have always regarded safety as our top priority.

Our second competitive advantage is our focus on lean operations, which allow us to be cost competitive and ensure that our customers sees a strong return on their investment.

We constantly find new ways to streamline existing programs while adding new ones to keep our customers abreast in the health and safety field. Third we leverage the many advantages of our industry leadership, our experience in health and safety and our ability to provide excellent service to our customers. And finally we understand the importance in this business of being first - first to file and first to market.
We have been in the health and safety training business since 1978 and you can trust FTT to be your Compliance Partner, now and on into the future!

Yours truly,
Arthur Brook
Founder and CEO