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  Safety Kits
  Description Price Qty
  Fall Protection Kit (FTT01) $194.95
  Battery Maintenance Kit (FTT02) $79.95
  Propane Kit (FTT03) $60.25

Daily Inspection Booklets (75 carbon copies in each book)
$19.99 each (ordering 9 or less) or $15 each (ordering 10 or more)

  Counter Balance Propane  
  Counter Balance Electric  
  Narrow Aisle  
  Power Pallet Truck  
  Over Head Crane  
  Front End Loader  
  Aerial Work Platform  

Plastic Pouch Holder with Pen Included
(These holders will adhere to any material)
$8.00 each (ordering 9 or less) or $7.50 each (ordering 10 or more)

  Lanyard 6' Double Snap $55.69
  Large Guy Harness – Large Size Call for price
  Bump Cats $9.99
  Hard Hats $10.99
  FP7591D Full Body Harness Universal Size $60.84
  FP28829/6 6' Decel Lanyard with Rebar Hook $60.84
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